How To Get Traffic Sharing Other People's Content

[Video] How To Get Web Traffic By Sharing Other People’s Content

In this 8 minute video I’m going to walk you through a great tool called that will allow you to get traffic back to your blog by sharing other people’s content. Pretty cool eh?


The power of social media marketing is of course just that – it’s social. Social is built as two way communication opposed to the traditional, top down, one way advertising.

Building community means not only sharing your own content, but also sharing the best content, news, education, and inspiration from your industry as a whole. (Buzzsumo is an excellent resource to easily find top content by category.)
In terms of content ratios for social media we’ve found the the best content mix to be:
  • 60% Other Peoples Content 
  • 30% Your Own Content
  • 10% Promotional Content 


60% other peoples content! That’s a lot.
So while it is best practice on social media to share mostly other people’s content, there is a way to actually attract traffic back to your website at the same time.
Best of both worlds.


On one hand you’re spreading good will into your community by sharing and mentioning other people’s great content, AND you are attracting relevant traffic back to your own site.
In this short 8-minute video tutorial, I use three tools: 



What is is the first link shortener that allows you add to a pop up call-to-action on any piece of content you share. Share a breaking news story from BBC? You can add a call-to-action on that article linking back to a related piece of content on your page.
Here’s an example of how Evernote is using in action


Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 8.12.49 PM


Here’s what to do.


Step one: Start with your content. 
Choose a piece of content that you want to link back to.


Step two: use Buzzsumo to find the best of the best content. 
With Buzzsumo and can search any topic to find top content specific to your industry to share on your social networks.


Step Three: Create Link. makes it very each to edit the message and button text on your pop up. There are also four variations of pop ups that you can choose from, all very user friendly and easy to navigate.


Step Four: Add to your Buffer Queue.
As I explain in the video, even if I’m sharing this new content I will still go through Buffer first because Buffer automatically will change the shortened link to a Buffer shortened link. This is important because we want your linked content to blend is naturally with the rest of your content.


Key Take Away 
It may be tempting to for the jugular and use to add an identical sales pitch CTA to everything you share. Don’t do this. For one it won’t work (unless you have a highly relevant special offer to that specific piece of content you’re sharing, then go for it all in.) But more importantly, if your CTA feels too pushy, over time you will train your audience to just not click on your links. That’s the last thing we want.


How can be used to its highest potential is to link back to related helpful content on your page. Use the message copy as an opportunity to directly reference the initial piece of content you’ve shared. Make it contextual.


The example I give in the video uses the article called Confessions Of A Google Spammer (over 190K views) The topic of the article is the outdated practices of link building. So my message copy read:


“SEO Link Building Is A Thing Of The Past, So What’s Next?”
Where “Next” was the copy of the button.
The CTA links back to our articles SEO Link Building from 2015 Onwards.


As you can see, the topic of “outdated link building” is relevant and aligned across both articles. In the nut shell this is what you want to go for.
If you’d like to grab more eye balls on your blog by sharing other peoples content then give this tip a try and let us know how it goes.


*BONUS STEP: Also Tweet a compliment directly at the author.
After making this video I tweeted at the author and got a pretty cool response right away…check this out.


Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 9.13.03 PM


Whenever using to share other peoples content it’s always worth it to shoot the author a personal compliment.
 Also keep in mind that if they decide to retweet what you just shared that retweet will still contain your link. This means your CTA has now been exposed to the authors audience. Pretty cool stuff.
 Implement this quick win strategy to your social media sharing for an added bump in highly relevant website traffic. Try it out, let us know how it goes!


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