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Founded in 1998, AllCells is a biotechnology company dedicated to providing global researchers and biomanufacturing organizations with a dependable supply of biologically relevant, high quality primary cells that enable drug discovery, development, and manufacturing of cell therapies.

The Challenge

AllCells, a human primary cell company relies heavily on their eCommerce product catalog to conduct sales. However, their old site was slow, outdated in design, difficult to navigate and as a result customers could not find what they were looking for.

AllCells previously hired a highly reputable eCommerce development agency out of Boston. After tens of thousands of dollars and half a year of wasted time, the project came to a complete halt. The development agency originally hired to do the job admitted they had underestimated the scope of the site since they did not understand the unique demands working in the life sciences field. They were used to designing large beautiful websites to sell simple commodities like LED lights and t-shirts — not time sensitive human cells to be delivered on dry ice with pre-screening donor questions. For the third time, the developers were requesting more time and more money before moving forward.

Although AllCells was listed on Inc. 500/5000 list of fastest growing companies, their website was causing major revenue bottlenecks. The entire marketing team was under tremendous pressure to deliver after taking major losses. They needed a reliable solution that understood their industry, products and goals — and they needed it fast.


The Solution

Supreme Optimization had already been running AllCells search engine optimization (SEO) campaign for the past few years. When AllCells approached us with their problems, we decided to take on the project and guarantee AllCells the results they were looking for. As promised, a few months later, AllCells had a live high performance new website with all of their desired customizations.


Easier and faster Checkout

Streamlined payment processing through all major payment gateways, pay by PO, customized shipping options and more.

Fully mobile and tablet friendly.

Supreme Optimization’s UX/UI teams utilize the newest trends in design and development. This translates to fully responsive websites built with the latest in HTML5 & CSS3 coding.

If you market life science products or services online, then contact us today to see what we can do for you.


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