Life Science Marketing Conversion Optimization Video Series


Welcome to the Life Science Marketing Lab.

If you’re a life science marketer and you’re struggling to find niche traffic online and convert it into new business, if you’re concerned about the rising cost of cost per click advertising online or even the use of ad blocking, so not only are costs going up of cost per click advertising, but fifth of the Internet can’t even see your ads anymore.


Welcome to the conversion optimization portion of this training.

Before we get into the strategies and tactics that are going to produce a high converting website, we’re going to just set the website aside for a second.

Accessing Marketplace Sophistication

When it comes to building a website and creating a digital marketing campaign, oftentimes we think about the wrong things.

Often times, I’ll see marketers starting with something along the lines of, “How do we increase brand awareness?” That’s kind of the thought process. And, what happens there is that we end up sending a lot of traffic to something that isn’t necessarily resonating, therefore, wasting a lot of money – the black hole of the Internet marketing world


Unique Mechanism

Now, the question becomes, “What if there is no Unique Mechanism?”

Understanding the level of customer sophistication in your marketplace and pairing that with your messaging is going to be incredibly important when building out your website, writing headlines and creating content. But, the question is, what if there is no Unique Mechanism?


When it comes to building effective websites and effective digital marketing campaigns, oftentimes the biggest killer has nothing to do with technology. It has everything to do with assumptions. As marketers, we like to make assumptions and assume what our prospects want, and then we try and give it to them.

That’s fine to an extent, however, there’s a famous quote from Henry Ford, who said, “If I would have asked people what they wanted, they would have told me faster horses.”

The Hook

What we’re going to go over in this video is How to Define an Irresistible Hook. This hook is going to be irresistible because it’s based on actual customer feedback. The first step is to…

Conversion Optimization Formula

Now that we discovered the Conversion Optimization Formula, a key point to make here is that, ultimately, what we’re trying to create here is a salesperson. We’re trying to create a 24/7 living, breathing salesperson that’s always working for you, that’s getting in front of your best prospects.

Trovagene Case Study

Trovagene just went through a major rehaul of their website with a reputable marketing agency. Upon launch, they realized that the website they received was far from their expectations. There wasn’t a clear way to order their product, nor was there data and studies to help nurture a prospect further down the sales cycle. In the effort to not make the same mistake again, Trovagene found the perfect agency in Supreme Optimization that combined elegant design with digital marketing strategy that generates new business.