Media Buying For Life Sciences

Optimize your media buying strategy. Attain measurable ROI.

Life Science media buying channels are unique from many other industries. Facebook and Google AdWords generally provide the greatest ROI for mass-market industries. However, in Life Sciences, the most common target audiences are people with backgrounds as scientists in the lab or industry. This means the performance of media buying on the most mainstream channels aren’t as effective because the target audience isn’t specific enough.

In Life Sciences, media buying strategies involving building a landing page around gated resources in exchange for customer data are usually most effective. Direct links to product pages usually aren’t as measurable nor scalable because of the large number of offline sales. Moreover, often times after a scientist decides to purchase a product, a third party lab manager will be the one to buy it in a separate session. Finally, keywords need to be highly strategic otherwise irrelevant traffic ends up consuming marketing budgets.

Supreme Optimization has multiple options to assist in media buying for life science companies. We have partnerships with Life Science specific networks to advertise directly on relevant scientific journal publications including ResearchGate, PubGrade, and work together with you to create the most targeted and effective media buying strategies.

Additionally, Supreme Optimization offers full service Google AdWords account management and landing page design and content creation.

PPC AdWords Consulting Executive Package

1. Discovery and Design

Determine company and industry profile along with the competitive landscape and company specific advantages. Utilize industry leading tools to derive a keyword list broken down into AdGroups for targeting.

2. Strategic Execution

Build out comprehensive CPA and ROI driven paid search campaigns. Track and measure site engagement, conversions, and targeted CPA (cost per acquisition) metrics.

3. Optimization and Profitable Expansion

Continuous optimization of keywords, ad copy, and bids for maximum efficiency; resulting in improved performance metrics with a higher number of conversions at lower cost per acquisition. This is followed by profitable account expansion to increase market share and overall ROI growth.

What does our PPC Management Process look like?

  • Company and Industry Analysis
  • Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • Website/Landing Page Review and Optimization
  • Cooperative Advertising Budget and Goal Formation
  • Implementation of Analytics and Conversion Tracking
  • Keyword Selection and Optimization
  • Expertly Created Ad Copy
  • Split Testing and Optimization of Ad Copy
  • Bid Selection and Optimization
  • Adwords Quality Score Optimization
  • Click Fraud Protection
  • Remarketing Implementation
  • Adwords Certified Personal Account Manager
  • Human Monitored and Optimized, No Automation
  • Transparent and Accurate Performance Reporting
  • Detailed Conversion Reports
  • Monthly Reporting Options

Monthly Reporting

We have been recognized for our PPC reporting, for its transparency and tracking of clicks to conversions. Your PPC Strategist also hand writes a report summary each month which notes our tasks and achievements for the past month. Reporting data is pulled directly from your AdWords and Google Analytics accounts into our proprietary reporting software and emailed to you monthly by the 5th of each month. Reporting metrics include campaign performance, number of clicks, spend, time spent on website, conversions, revenue generated from PPC, and other key performance indicators for your account.

PPC Audit

A comprehensive analysis of your current paid search campaigns (if applicable) to discover all active campaigns, configurations, targeting options, and potentially wasted spend. We have worked on over 100+ PPC campaigns and offer consulting for improving your campaigns performance.

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