SEO Consulting for Life Sciences

Drive more traffic to your website.

We truly believe in SEO. We’re invested in it for ourselves. And it works.

Here’s Why:

  • See your website at the top of Google for major revenue driving keywords.
  • Increase traffic to your website.
  • Higher brand credibility – people trust websites that come up first.
  • Save money by ranking organically instead of continuous expenditures on Google AdWords (PPC).
  • Obtain better return-on-investment (ROI) than traditional marketing and banner advertisements.
  • Measure your results with customized reporting options.

Competing for traditional brick and mortal storefronts on the busiest intersection are now being replaced with competing for how well your website ranks when someone looks up a high traffic, revenue driving keyword.

With a well-optimized website, you’re able to expand the reach of your potential customers without geographic and physical limitations. A marketing director in Hong Kong can create business-to-business relationships with your company from her hotel room. Scientific researchers in Boston can order their next monoclonal antibody from your eCommerce store.


At Supreme Optimization, we do our best to layout specific deliverables broken down by month. We appreciate that each company is at a different stage in their SEO campaigns. Below, we list the general services we provide, however customized timelines are more common than not.

Site Audit

The purpose of the site audit is to identify strong points and areas for improvement on your website. Structural issues, duplicate content, lack of content, misused keywords, user-friendliness are all among areas where we examine. After identifying where we feel like you can make the most improvement, we provide customized timelines. We license the top SEO analytical software in the industry, Moz Analytics, to automate monthly reporting thereby providing transparent results.

Keyword Research

Prior to the start of your SEO campaign, we research for revenue-driving keywords. The keywords we ultimately select are a combination of highly relevant and commonly searched phrases. Through collaboration, we will help you finalize a list of the top keywords to attach to your brand.

On-Page Optimization

By this time, we’ve done our preparations. Now it’s time to dive in and start making changes to your website. There’s two parts to your SEO on-page optimization: coding and copy.

The coding aspects of on-page optimization include telling search engines exactly what keyword is relevant to which page. Just a few of these include metatags, img alternate text, canonical URLs, user friendly URLs, page titles and more.

The copy aspects of on-page optimization include reviewing your entire site’s existing content and modifying it in a way that is aligned with Google’s algorithms. We provide clear SEO copy consultation for you in a concise manner taking out any guesswork on your end.

These are just a few of our main search engine optimization & SEO consulting services. Specific deliverables are customized and provided after determining what’s best aligned with your marketing goals. A small investment in your company’s online presence can result in vast results. We want to be part of your online marketing goals and encourage you to at least drop us a message and receive a free site audit.

Ready to Get Started?

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