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Fully customized branding and web design for U.S. life science industry.
MabPlex is one of the fastest growing life science companies in China with their eyes set on expanding into the US market. However, industry standards are different in the United States and Chinese market. MabPlex needed a website that was visually stunning to represent their brand internationally.
Transforming Trovagene’s website from an expensive brochure to the sales team’s most important asset.
Trovagene contracted Supreme Optimization to revamp the website. We utilized data driven and psychological driven conversion strategy involving stakeholder and sales team interviews to create a website that truly spoke to their target audience.

“WOW!! This is absolutely amazing, fabulous, outstanding – what else can I say. I just showed our field sales team the new website and they LOVE it!!
See how much we LOVE you guys – whatever you have to offer that is in your wheelhouse we want to do with you!!”

Vicki Keleman
– Senior Director at Trovagene, Inc. (TROV: NASDAQ)
– Services Provided: Website Design, Development, SEO, SEM, Content Marketing
“Supreme Optimization Team has been very effective in optimizing our website for search engines. The recommendations are well researched and the implementations have been dramatically impactful. In a very short implementation period, we saw a > 25% increase in our organic search results. Furthermore, the team is very knowledgeable regarding SEM and makes the time to get our team on board. We have expanded our engagement with Supreme Optimization to optimize our website for the China audience.”

Quynh Doan
– MBA, Director of Market Development of Advanced Cell Diagnostics, a Bio-Techne Company

If you market life science products or services online, then contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Transform your website.



Become a SUPREME brand in life sciences.

Supreme Optimization utilizes the most popular user-friendly content management system, WordPress,  along with the number one eCommerce platform, Magento, to provide cost-effective and highly scalable options for web design and development.

Research shows we make up our mind about someone in a matter of seconds – and we’re really good at it. If your first impression with a customer is through your website, then that’s a pivotal moment of whether or not you end up converting.

Building the right website is similar to hiring and training your top sales rep to represent your brand. As specialists in the space of life sciences, biotechnology, drug discovery, diagnostics, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and more, our life science web design team can help make you presentable to your target audience.

By utilizing variations of proven copywriting formulas and techniques for life science companies such as our personal favorite, AICPBSWAN, a variation based off of AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action), we’re able to effectively help you guide a potential lead down a funnel that is optimized for conversions.


Attention – Biggest benefit, biggest problem you can solve, USP

Interest – Reason why they should be interested in what you have to say

Credibility – Reason why they should believe you

Proof – Prove what you are claiming is true

Benefits – List them all

Scarcity – Create scarcity

Action – Tell them precisely what to do

Warn – What will happen if they don’t take action

Now – Motivate them to take action now

We complement this with our development team’s expertise to build your website’s structure on award-winning platforms such as Magento for eCommerce and WordPress. The numerous brand name multi-million dollar companies in life science that we’ve designed websites for speak for themselves.

Magento Associate Partner


We’ll help take the time to research and fully customize your web development strategy. This is the most important phase as it sets the foundation for all work ahead.

Set Up

We setup all preliminary technical tasks according to industry standard to build your site effectively. This includes ensuring your website has the proper hosting environment along with any additional extensions for features you’d like to incorporate.


Our expert design team wire-frames the site with you during the mockup phase. We’ll communicate back and forth, allowing us to execute an efficient design for your new website.


We take pride in developing long-term, scalable web development solutions. Instead of using complicated platforms, we develop on the most widely used and open source content management systems including WordPress and Magento.


Launching a new website without first consulting with an SEO expert could result in the dramatic loss of rankings. At Supreme Optimization, our development team works alongside with our SEO team before any website is launched to ensure a smooth migration process.

Post Launch Support

Launching a new website is an exciting yet stressful time. Supreme Optimization can be your partner by supporting your new website with maintenance and new enhancements.